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At first glance these are botanical motifs, but upon a closer look the unexpected emerges: flowers and fruits of different seasons meet in the drawing, so the flowering magnolia is associated with a pomegranate, an oriental chrysanthemum with Mediterranean lemons, grapes with gingko leaves.

The shades of each design has been translated to be weaved on the jacquard loom: the truly innovative used technique allows to obtain the effect of the marker hatchings and the multiple shades, just intertwining three twisted and combed cotton threads and choosing the right weaves. It sounds easy, but it’ is something only the most experienced craftsmen can do, to obtain such an outstanding result.

PPPattern is the first digital store dedicated to the world of Italian serial creativity, thanks to the collaboration with young artists and manufacturers. Tessitura Artistica Chierese is an artisan workshop in the historic textile district of Chieri, near Turin.

Cotton jacquard woven fabric.



Drawing technique:

dry markers